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Higher Race Day Results

Race 1:

As the field of 7 walks in the cool sunlight making there way to the gate, the favorite is SF City Skyline owned by Addison of Signature Farms. All of the horses load smoothly and anxiously await the sound of the bell. Once released the favorite, SF City Skyline goes to the front followed by Deputy Rhymer, My Juliet, Silky's Little Girl, BA Astronomical, Truthful and Flying Stardust. SF City Skyline is cruising along with Deputy Rhymer and My Juliet battling for 2nd with 2 lengths back to BA Astronomical and Silky's Little Girl duking it out and Flying Stardust trailing by 1 length behind Astronomical and Silky's Little Girl. As they move into the turn Astronomical has moved up into 2nd position with My Juliet, Deputy Rhymer, and SF City Skyline following.
As they enter the homestretch Astronomical opens up to a 2 length lead over the valiant SF City Skyline who tries to catch the other filly but is unable to.

Win: BA Astronomical ~$ 3,720
Place: SF City Skyline ~ $1,240
Show: My Juliet ~
4.Silky's Little Girl ~ $ 310
5. (ARS) SSF Deputy Rhymer~ $ 186
6. Truthful- $ 124
7.Flying Stardust

Race 2:

As the field of 11 take the track the favorite is Fire House owned by Adriene. Flag begins to get a little ancy during the post parade, but his jockey keeps him under wraps. Going into the gate Fly Stone balks and has to be walked in. After the rest of the field has been loaded, there off... Out to an early lead is High Numbers, followed by Archangel who go off into a speed duel early in the race. Several lengths back is Reprised, Fire House,Backstreet,Forbidden Legend,Flag,Fly Stone,Secret Flame, SOS Four Face, and Prince Demando trailing by half a length.
As they move into the first turn the rest of the field has caught up with the two tiring speed horses and Reprised takes the lead, followed by Backstreet, Forbidden Legend, and Fire House. Then its another length back to High Numbers, Archangel, Flag, Fly Stone, SOS Prince Demando, Secret Flame and SOS Four Face. As they head for home Backstreet begins to battle with Reprised for the lead.. As they thunder towards the wire neck in neck, the winner of the race due to a photo finish was the courageous little chestnut, Backstreet over the fleet little grey colt, Reprised.

1.Backstreet~ $ 3,720
2.Reprised- $ 1,420
3.Forbidden Legend - $ 620
4.Fire House- $ 310
5.Flag- $ 186br>
6.Fly Stone- $ 124
7.SOS Four Face
8.High Numbers
9.Secret Flame
10.SOS Prince Demando

Race 3:

In the first of several two horse fields, the favorite going in was Too Charming.
Both horses load quietly and break cleanly. Off to the early lead is Accented Gold followed by Too Charming a half a length back. The lead remains the same up until they go into the middle of the first turn then Too Charming begins to move up on Accented Gold. As they exit the turn the two horses are neck in neck and Too Charming begins to inch away from Accented Gold. Coming down the stretch Too Charming pulls ahead by a half a length but Accented Gold fights back, but despite a valiant fight, Too Charming wins by a neck.

1.Too Charming-$ 1500
2.Accented Gold- $ 500

Race 4:

The next race is also another two horse field the favorite this time is Alaskaan Charm. Both horses load easily but Dragon Fire gets a little anxious and half rears in the gate, but is quickly quieted and the gate are open. Alaskaan Charm and Dragon Fire leave the gate side by side. Moving up the track together for the majority of the race, up until the beginning of the turn, then Dragon Fire's jockey lets him run and he exploded..... Powering by Alaskaan Charm, who tries to catch Fire, but its to no avail. Dragon Fire wins under a hand ride by 2 lengths.

1.Dragon Fire- $1,500
2.Alaskaan Charm-

Race 5:

The next two horse field comes onto the track with Sweet Benevolance as the favorite.
Both horses load quietly and break clean and fast. Benevolance goes straight to the lead with RHR Imagine running close behind him saving ground. Coming out of the turn is when Imagine begins to make his move, but the older horse says I don't think so and fights back. The two of them duel it out up until the wire, when Benevolance digs in and pulls away to win by a head of RHR Imagine.

1.Sweet Benevolance- ,020
2.RHR Imagine- $ 3,340

Race 6:

In the second largest field of the day, 9 gorgous TB's take the field for what looks to be a very exciting race. With horses as well known as SSF Heaven and Nature Sing, a spectacular colt, as well as his stable mate All Approved; both of which are sent out by Lily. Then there is the marvelous little filly, Blendid who electirfies the crowd with her performances. Then there is the mischevous grey colt (ARS) SSF Celebrated Scholar and his stable mate, the EAC winter top turf horse (ARS) Worldly Manner. All the horses behave in the post parade, except Celebrated Scholar who is in high spirits this afternoon. All the horses load quietly and break sharply... Going to the lead is Blendid and Bold Risk who duel it out in the early moments of the race, followed by Heaven and Nature Sing and Worldly Manner side by side, then Celebrated Scholar and Signa,SSF All Approved, FHBF Kokanee and RHR Back to Good trailing. Going into the first turn Bold Risk begins to drop back letting Worldly Manner or Heaven and Nature Sing take on the filly. Then rocketing up the outside of the track comes the little grey colt, as he passes his stable mate Worldly Manner and begins to go after the filly, Heaven and Nature Sings jockey lets his mount have his head and chase the grey colt. Coming into the homestretch All Approved is behind a wall of horses looking for a hole. Then Scholar digs in and begins to move away but Heaven and Nature Sing is right with him, Blendid and All Approved battle it out while the 2 front runners do the same. Who will it be, the grey or the bay? As they pound under the wire, the little grey colt sneaks out with the victory over a gallant charge from Heaven and Nature Sing.

1.(ARS) SSF Celebrated Scholar- $ 27,420
2. SSF Heaven and Nature Sing- $ 9,140
3. SSF All Approved- $ 4,750
4. Blendid- ,285
5. (ARS) Worldly Manner $1,371
6. Signa- $ 914
7.FHBF Kokanee
8.(ARS) Bold Risk
9. RHR Back to Good

Race 7:

In the next race, a field of 4 take the track, the favorite being Mono owned and trained by Adriene. Each horse walks quietly into the gate. Following the sound of the bell, all the horses break cleanly except Practical Magic who stumbles slightly coming out of the gate, but regains his momentum and charges after the other three horses. Mono goes out to the lead followed by Star Appeal and Arrogance AA and a fast coming Practical Magic. In the middle of the turn Arrogance AA begins to move and quickly overtakes Mono, following him is Star Appeal, Mono and a gallant Practical Magic, trying to make up ground. As they head for home, Arrogance AA pulls away by a length and Star Appeal struggles to hold off Mono's late charge but finds the strength to withstain it and snatches the second spot from Mono with a valiant Practical Magic finishing 4th.

1.Arrogance AA- ,580
2.Star Appeal- $ 860>
3.Mono- $ 430>
4.Practical Magic- $ 215>

Race 8: Cancelled due to no entries

Race 9:

The field is next taken by 7 lovely fillies and mares. The favorite going in is SSF Glitterwoman and Touch of Class. All 7 load quietly and break nicely. Going out to the lead is Onima followed by Lucky Charms and Glitterwoman with Golden Temptation and Social Storm right behind them. Touch of Class and A Piece of My Heart battle it out a half a length behind the rest of the field. Quickly gaining momentum Touch of Class begins to move up in the field picking off a few spots going into the first turn. By the time they hit the middle of the turn Class is up into second following Onima very steathly. But moving fast are Lucky Charms and Golden Temptation and Glitterwoman. Glitterwoman and Golden Temptation charge on to challenge Onima and Touch of Class while Lucky Charms drops off the bit. Touch of Class passes a tiring Onima and Glitterwoman and Golden Temptation move up to challenge Class. As they go three wide turning for home, Class sticks a nose in front of the other two horses but they fight back and are soon 3-wide again. As they cross the wire Touch of Class barely edges out a late charge from Glitterwoman who snags the second spot from Golden Temptation.

1.Touch of Class- $ 21,42br>
2.SSF Glitterwoman- $ 7,410
3.(ARS) Golden Temptation- ,570
4.Onima- $ 1,785
5.SSF Lucky Charms- $ 1,071
6.(ARS) Social Storm- $ 714
7.RHR A Piece of My Heart

Race 10:

The next field of three horses takes the track with the favorite being Shantastic. Each of the three horses loads quietly and breaks fast. Prince of Thieves goes to the lead with Mystic Pryncess and Shantastic following closely. Prince of Thieves leads the way up until the middle of the turn where Mystic Pryncess and Shantastic pass a tiring Prince of Thieves. As they head home Shantastic makes one last final attempt to over take Pryncess but it doesn't work and Mystic Pryncess wins.

1.Mystic Pryncess- $ 2,040
2.Shantastic- $ 680>
3.Prince of Thieves- $ 340>

Race 11: Cancelled due to no entries

Race 12:

The next field of three colts come onto the track, with the favorites being (ARS) Shah Azcara owned by Arianna and (ARS) Taher owned by myself. Ghost Hunter was close in the betting as well, but those two colts were the ones that were the closest together.
The three colts behave nicely in the gate and break extremely quickly. Ghost Hunter takes the lead with Shah Azcara in second and Taher in third biding his time till he makes his move. Ghost Hunter moves out to a length and a half lead over the two chestnut colts by the time they come into the turn and Taher begins to make his move and draws even with Azcara. The two colts cut down Hunters lead to a length by the time they hit the stretch and Taher sticks a nose in front. Ghost Hunter wins by a length followed by Taher and Shah Azcara.

1.Ghost Hunter- $ 14,820
2.(ARS) Taher- $ 4,940
3.(ARS) Shah Azcara- $ 2,470

Race 13:

The largest field of the day comes onto the field with 10 entries. The favorite is SSF Likeable Irish. All 10 horses load quietly and Bloodbath goes to the front along with BA Star Studded who go into a speed duel. The rest of the field stays bunched up till they go into the first turn and the 2 speed horses begin to fade. RHR Typical Situation comes up and leads the field followed by SSF Likeable Irish and Hiddin Glory running side by side. As they head for home Typical Situation begins to inch away from the other two horses and goes on to win by a half a length followed by Hiddin Glory edging out Irish for third.

1.RHR Typical Situation- $ 30,420
2.(ARS) Hiddin Glory-$ 10,140
3.SSF Likeable Irish- $ 5,070
4.(ARS) All the Glory- $ 2,535
5. (ARS) Dark Wonder- $ 1,521
6. After the Dark- $ 1,041
7.RHR Devil in Disguise
8.Fire Stone
10.BA Star Studded

For the last 2 races there were only one entry in each so each was allowed to have a public workout since there was no one else to race.

Race 14.
1. Black Cherry- $ 3,700

Race 15:
1. TL Moonlit Silver- $ 160

Purses were totaled in the following manner.

Winner got 60%
Place got 20%
Show got 10% 4th got 5%
5th got 3%
6th got 2%

Results were drawen from
Number Randomizer