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Adriene graciously gave us some of her upcoming foals, breedings to some of her stallions to be raffled off. Each person was given a ticket that has your ticket # that u need in order to claim your prize (s). Here are the ticket numbers:

Ticket #'s
Ryan - Ticket 1
Shawnee- Ticket 2
Appaluza- Ticket 3
Lindsay- Ticket 4
Lily- Ticket 5
Jill- Ticket 6
Craven- Ticket 7
Arianna- Ticket 8
Addison- Ticket 9
Janena- Ticket 10
Charlotte- Ticket 11
Sunni- Ticket 12
Adriene- Ticket 13

Breedings to be raffled off
Stud Services for Raffle.. can raffle off 1 breeding for each stallion:

Arabian Stallion:

Baskin' Dharabi (Basko's Sun Star X Dhareba Emir)
Basko was a CCh. before the restart in everything from halter to natural western trail, but pre-green/working hunter is what he is best at. He is a beautiful chestnut with 4 high white socks and a stripe. His sire's sire was a pinto, but being a pintabian and having 99% arab blood, the foals that he sired, although they were colored, were full blood arabs. Basko has a colored foal garuntee when bred to a colored mare, but will not produce color on solid mares. He is a mean spirited horse, but has tons of show gusto. Has the potential to sire some real racing beauties !

TB Studs:

AAA Silver Star (Silver Smoke X MM Estrella, by El Gran Senor)
Silver is a rare silver dapple roan who is racing-bred to the core. He was raced illegally in cheap, backyard gambling tracks, confiscated, then sold as a yard horse to a lady who kept him in a field for 4 years. I bought him from her and he is now and olympic level eventing horse ! Take his babies and race them or show them and they will excell ! Has sired 2 maiden winners !

Rodaho (Rodeo X Dahlingo, by Slingo)
Roadie has TONS of the older austrailian lines that were flat racers and steeplechasers. Roadie was bought as a young horse to be a hunter, but we was too fast, so he had been around from trainer to trainer and finally I decided to let him try eventing and CC Jumping and he LOVES it. Unfortunatley, he never got to race, but let his foals be is virtue !

Keeper of My Flame (Key to the Mint X Flame Dance, by Be A Native)
Flame is a very well bred, and high spirited stallion. He is a beautiful PURE black which is rare for KttM foals. Flame bucked and shin and bowed a tendon in a racing gate accident his first start of his 2 year old year and was sold about 2 weeks into rehab. He is totally sound now and even jumps a hurdle or 2 now and then. Great classic lines for a 1993 stallion !

March or Race (Luck of the Draw X March of Ismile)
Talk about your old and rare racing lines ! We got some pure american bred to some Jewish/Mexican lines to create a stallion with the best of both ! Racer has been all over the world stabled in Israel where he didn't start training until he was 4, but afraid to be raced against the tough older horses who often rammed each other and bit and even kicked. So, at the age of 6 he was sent to the americas where racing was more sane, but attained severe stomach ulcers from the severe changes in grass and food quality plus, the sudden change in surroudings that the sensative and pampered horse wasn't used to. He was sold as a dissapointment, but is in training as one of the best eventers I've got. Should produce awesome track babies.

Half the Cat (Storm Cat X Half Pint, by Slewpy)
Cat is one proven race horse ! He has placed in the top 4 of the Breeders Cup Sprint for the last 3 years ! Put some SPEED in those babies and go Cat !
Foals for Raffle
Early 2000 Paint Babies:

Sunny Bar Spots (Sir Dots Costalot X Sunny Bar Maid)
Spot is a fancy brown overo stud colt with looong legs and a nice hip and hindquarter. His sire is an olympic level reining horse who passed on his athleticism to his son. Spot's dam is 3/4 appendix QH with tons of speed.

Early 2000 Appaloosa Babies:

Rough Diamond (Marvel At That X Diamond Lilly, by Lily San Badger)
Roo is as cute as a button and very strong and rambuncious. Her sire only raced once and won before he was retired to stud. Roo's dam is an olympic level reining mare as well as a sharp trail horse. Roo could go on the track or into an arena and succeed.

Early 2000 TB Babies:

Vibrant Star (AAA Silver Star X Vibrant Liz)
Vib is a fabulous little colt with a beautiful bay roan color with a silvery mane and topped tail. Race him or event him, he will excell either way.

Silver's Glory Star (AAA Silver Star X MM Sunset's Golden Glory)
Greezer is an nice chestnut roan filly with blue flexs in her right brown eye. Very eye catching and fast as well. Full sister to MAIDEN WINNER BA Star Studded !

Heza Cat (Half The Cat X Sheza Rocket)
Hansel is a wonderful colt out of a BC Sprint placer stallion and one of my best moving mares. This colt has charisma and is a pretty gray with a long floaty stride and awesome control of his young strength. If you don't want to race him, put him in the dressage ring.

Early 2000 Arabian Babies:

Alfor Da Money (Baskin' Dharabi X Dora)
Forda is a looooong legged filly that will mature at about 16hh. Big for an arab, but bred for the races. Sire is a crabbet-bred with racing lines and dam has a bit of speed herself.

Blue Bask (Baskin' Dharabi X Blue Ord)
BB is one of my best looking arab racing foals that I bred this season. He will stand around 15.2 -3 hh but is packed with muscle and is a WONDERFUL blue roan stud colt.

Contact Adriene to get more info on the stallions or the foals that you have gotten a breeding to or a foal that is now yours.

P.S The foals will be registered by Adriene immediately when the registry is open.

Raffle Results
Appaluza gets a breeding to Rodaho
Arianna gets Rough Diamond a Appy filly.
Addison gets Vibrant Star a Bay TB colt
Charlotte gets Heza Cat a Grey TB colt
Adriene gets Blue Bask a blue roan arab colt
Lindsay get a breeding to Keeper of My Flame
Shawnee gets a breeding to AAA Silver Star
Janena gets Silver's Glory Star a Chestnut roan TB filly.
Sunni gets Alfor Da Money a arab filly
Craven gets a paint overo colt
Ryan gets a breeding to Baskin' Dharbi
Lily gets a breeding to March or Race
Jill gets a breeding to Half the Cat